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Striving to provide the best customer service and satisfaction

Reistville Builders has been in business since 1979. We pride ourselves on paying attention to the details and building unique custom homes of the highest quality. Below are some of the reasons a Reistville custom home will be the one you’ve been looking for.

Design Process
Our designs are unique to every homeowner. Our custom homes are designed to fit customer’s wants, needs, and budget. We listen carefully to what you are looking for and then draw your new home on our CAD system to best fulfill your vision.

All jobs are priced out in the most comprehensive manner possible, eliminating unwelcome budgetary surprises.

Project Manager & Office Support Staff
A Project Manager and our Office Support Staff will oversee every aspect of your job. They’ll make sure you are receiving top-notch service, quality, and that jobs are completed in a timely fashion.

Basement Walls
We know how important it is to have a dry basement. We use superior walls or poured concrete walls instead of block walls to try and prevent damp basements.

Drain Tile
To keep water away from the foundation of your home, drain tile is installed around the foundation to grade away from the building or to a sump pit. We then do something most other builders don’t - add an additional inside pipe as a precaution against outside pipe failure or water getting inside the footer. This pipe can be used for radon elimination as well.

Engineered Roof Trusses
Our roof systems are professionally engineered and attached to the wall using hurricane hangers to give you a roof that will withstand snow and weather. Gable bracing adds strength and keeps the gable straight.

Sub Flooring
Glued tongue-and-groove OSB (oriented stranded board) flooring creates a more solid floor that helps prevent squeaks in the subfloor. We use OSB subfloor instead of plywood because we believe it is a much better product, and will not delaminate like plywood will.

Exterior Wall Sheathing
All walls are sheeted with OSB sheathing and house wrap to create a solid house that will withstand wind and movement for many years to come. Sheathing helps prevent cracking in drywall and masonry finishes as well.

Sealing Holes in Walls
All wire, pipes and holes are foamed to seal air infiltrations and also prevent a fire from crossing from one stud bay to the next.

Keeping Air Out of the House
We keep air from coming into your home. All plates are foamed to the floor and between studs to increase energy efficiency and reduce utility bills.

Interior Walls
All drywall is glued and screwed to help bond it to the house, reducing cracked walls and nail pops.

Metal H Clips are used between trusses to avoid sagging in the roof sheathing. We use 30-year architectural roof shingles with shingle over ridge vents.

Custom Interior Finishes
You select the paint, flooring, cabinets, and finishes for your perfect custom home. We are happy to provide assistance in our showroom or the showrooms of other material providers.

All Reistville custom homes are inspected by a third-party inspector during the course of construction.

Our Reputation
Since 1979 we have been striving to provide the best customer service and satisfaction, making Reistville Builders LLC one of the most prominent and sought after home builders in South Central Pennsylvania.